Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Banana Crumb Muffins

Tonight is absolutely gorgeous. The weather is just right. And it is the fourth of October.

I wish I could bottle up tonight and keep it forever. It is that beautiful outside. Such a blessing.

Since giving up time wasters like cable TV and Facebook, I have accomplished so much more.

Don't get me wrong, I still have lots of projects that are in a "holding pattern."

But I have started writing letters to my daughter for her to read one day. In fact, I've enjoyed writing so much that I've started writing my friends, too.

I have read several books; but only one of them was the kind of good read that you get lost in. The kind you could spend hours reading all day. The kind that is so good you almost want to delay finishing it because you really do not want it to end.

I've started (and finished some) projects.

I've begun working on a small aviation-related project and have actually been paid. My business is close to earning it's first real dollar this year.

And I'm starting a new volunteer opportunity that I am super excited about. I still have some more training to do; but as soon as I am as good as done, I want tell all about it.

And I've been baking.

All the windows are open in the house. A pleasant breeze is coming in. And I just felt it was a baking night.

We had some very ripe bananas so I figured I should make good use of them. Banana bread is a favorite in our house; but I imagined something different.

This recipe has quickly become a new favorite!

Happy Fall!

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