Thursday, 13 October 2011

Black Thumb

It's pretty much common knowledge in my house that I have a black thumb. I love flowers and plants; but when it comes to their care I either do not do enough or too much and inevitably, my flowers die.

So this autumn, I invested $6 in mums knowing they probably wouldn't last.

I put them where they would get some full-sun; but when it came to watering, I delayed, delayed, delayed. And they wilted, wilted, wilted.

When my mother-in-law came last month, she spent some time cutting them back and assured me they could be saved.

It's been a long month waiting.

And waiting.

And waiting some more.

But with more frequent watering, plenty of sunlight, and a little recycling of used coffee grounds, a month later, I have my plant back.

My mum-in-law helped me save these yellow mums.

My life is a little like these mums. 

I have a tendency to get really focused on one thing. And leaving other integral and crucial parts of my life untouched.

When I lose focus, a part of me slowly starts to die, but as soon as I open myself up to receiving nourishment, the more important parts of my life come back into clear focus and I thrive again.

Like the mums pictured above, I know God has given a beauty and a loveliness to me; but also like these mums I have parts that have not yet bloomed. Parts that God is constantly working in me. Like a gardener delights in getting his hands in the dirt, planting a seed, and watching it grow, our God is slowly, carefully, and beautifully pruning me into what He desires me to be. And the best part is, He's willing to get His hands dirty with me. He loves me that much that He is with me every step of the way.

I'm thankful for grace.

Undeserving. Beautiful. Amazing. Grace.

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