Sunday, 25 September 2011

Autumn has Arrived

Fall arrived early.

Don't remember summer ever saying good-bye.
                       - David Mitchell, Cloud Atlas

Well, the welcome reprieve from the dog days of summer came early.

There is still lots and lots of green to be seen with small pockets of red and yellow peeping through the landscape.

But despite the green, I began extracting my fall decor from the hollows of our home. Especially, now that autumn has officially begun.

I finished my table several weeks ago; but only now have found the time to take a picture.
A $20 table from Hobby Lobby gets a face lift.

The original hardware were antique brass knobs. I found
 these knobs on clearance at Hobby Lobby for about $3.
Paint is SW6510 Loyal Blue by Sherwin-Williams

Truthfully, I don't love it.

But it is growing on me.

My chalkboard mirror project, you ask?

I plan to start that this week during Claire's nap time. And while the weather is still beautiful.

I am anxious to finish our dining room (really) as I am about to start on a new endeavor (more on that later) and it may mean hosting in our home. Something I, of course, love.

But I have all sorts of ideas for our dining room and I really desire to finally (after two years, almost three) pull it all together!

What ideas for fall decor do you have?

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